Have a go…

Try using our new story map to retell our wishing tale at home. 

Retell the story to your parents, brothers, sisters or even the cat! ūüôā¬†

You could even act it out!



A Wishing Tale

Our new text, retells the story of King Midas and the power of the golden touch. Whilst exploring the story Year 3 began to think about their own wishes and how they might one day come true!

So, if you were lucky enough to be granted one wish, what would you wish for?

But, remember you should never let greed get the better of you. Don’t be like King Midas, as he learnt his lesson the hard way!


“Don’t fly too close to the sun!”

Year 3 have enjoyed learning about Icarus, son of Daedalus, and his unsuccessful quest to escape King Minos from the Greek island of Crete.  The story has a particularly good moral of how you should always listen to your parents!

Cave and Igloo classes have been busy designing and making a pair of wings fit for Icarus!

Scroll down for exciting facts about the Ancient Greeks. 


Find exciting facts about Greek Gods!

Watch some fascinating clips about Ancient Greece.

Watch the story of Icarus here:

Year 3 Weekly News

We’ve had a great week in year 3! ¬†We’ve been busy producing some fantastic writing as we finish off our discussion text unit. ¬†The children have been doing their best to write balanced arguments about different subjects.

Our new ‘Gods and Mortals’ topic has gone off with a bang and the children are enjoying finding out about the ancient Greeks and their beliefs!

To round off a busy week we enjoyed an all-star performance of Aladdin at the Wolverhampton Grand on Friday afternoon. ¬†Some of the children recognised Ben Faulkes (Mr Bloom from CBeebies). ¬†They enjoyed actor Lisa Riley’s (Mandy Dingle from¬†Emmerdale) performance as the genie and Joe McElderry’s (2009 XFactor winner) performance of Aladdin. ¬†The children loved every minute, it was great to see them having so much fun. ¬†A big thank you to parents and carers for picking the children up so promptly on the evening.