To kick off our new topic, Scrumdiddlyumptious this week, year 3 have been sampling  and describing different types of bread, and creating some fantastic sketches of fruit and vegetables.  We have also discovered what is needed to create a balanced meal.

Why not try the simple, healthy recipes below to get in some of your five-a-day?

Fruit Kebabs

Sandwich Wrap

Tantalising Tuna Wraps

Bon appetit!


Swimming Success!

Year 3 went swimming this week and we were amazed to see how many fantastic swimmers and potential swimmers we have.  Even the children who were a bit more wary of the water took the plunge and had a go!  Well done everyone in year 3! We can’t wait until next week.

Year 3 Rock Stars!

Year 3 are becoming experts in everything rock related!  Over the last couple of weeks we have investigated the permeability and durability of rocks, and made some interesting discoveries.


Become a geologist for yourself – Have a look at these fun videos on the different rock types and how they are formed.