Year 3 Rock Stars!

Year 3 are becoming experts in everything rock related!  Over the last couple of weeks we have investigated the permeability and durability of rocks, and made some interesting discoveries.


Become a geologist for yourself – Have a look at these fun videos on the different rock types and how they are formed.




Mount Etna

Year 3 were excited to hear all about the recent eruption of the volcano, Mount Etna.

Mount Etna facts:

  • Name: Mount Etna.
  • Location: Sicily, Italy.
  • Height: 3,329 metres (10,922 feet)

See some of the excitement of the recent eruption here:

Research Quiz

What type of volcano is Mount Etna?

How did Mount Etna form?

What is the cause of Mount Etna?

Why did the Etna volcano erupt?


For more volcano fun – print an colour this cool volcano colouring sheet!


World Book Day Thursday 2nd March 2017

Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed taking part in World Book Day on Thursday.  There were some fabulous outfits including Willy Wonka, Horrid Henry, Cat in the Hat, to name but a few!  Thanks so much, parents for making the effort to sort out costumes – the children looked thrilled to become their favourite characters.  Year 3 completed some author reviews as part of the day and found out lots of facts about Eva Ibbotson, author of our current Teaching of Reading book – The Abominables.


Maths IS fun!

Throughout our school lives, we have to try and learn our times tables off by heart.  In Year 3, we are practising our 2, 5 and 10 times tables, as well as learning our 3, 4 and 8 times tables!  Here is a fun interactive resource that allows you to spot where your missing times table knowledge is, so you can concentrate on those facts.  Enjoy!